Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The Start of Something Good

I always know that spring is right around the corner when I have to remind the kids to dump their shoes out before coming in the house. 

Invariably, their shoes are filled with sand, their shirts are full of dirt/mud, their cheeks are rosy and their energy level is zapped.  The windows are wide open.  There's something getting ready to be grilled.  We're pulling back out the cushions for the patio set.  We're rethinking the garden.  And, it gets much harder to say, "lights out at 8pm."  Oh, and we don't give a shit about the state of the house because all we want to do is to be outside.

I have this theory that your body and soul are most alive in the season that you were born in. 

I was born in the spring time...May 6th to be exact.  And so, the tiny buds, the little bits of green making their way out of the ground, the fresh air, the sweet smells, the birds, and the dew all say to me, happy birthday...you're alive.

Welcome Spring...we've been waiting for you and you never disappoint.

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