Friday, March 9, 2012

Kindergarten Round Up

Dear Kate,

Today is a day that you most likely will never remember.  I certainly can't remember the day that I had my "Kindergarten Round-Up," if we even had them back then.

But you woke up, ready and raring with your prized dress and your loud tights (which I love) and you said, "I'm ready to be round up."  And just like that, we ate a bowl of cereal, dawned your adorable pig tails, left the baby with a sitter and headed out the door.

I could feel the buzz from the minute we walked in the room.   Parents were swarming with excitement and hopes for their soon to be starting little ones. And just like that, they called your name and you were whisked down the hall to a big Kindergarten classroom to meet the teachers, do an activity, and learn what it means to officially be in school.

For some reason, I wasn't this emotional with Sam...which makes no sense to me at all.  You'd have thought that I'd have been a basket case with the first and completely fine with you...but it was the flip.  You're still 4.  You still seem little to me with your sweet voice, but you're not.  You can read, write, make your own bed, help with your little sister and in general, I'm convinced rule the world.

So, after today, I think that this summer will have special meaning.  I'll treasure the long days, the splashing in the pool, the memory making knowing that come fall, I'll have my first little/big girl saying the pledge of allegiance.

I love you so much,


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  1. Yikes! I soooo remember this. The summer after my daughter graduated high school was a pretty special summer. I was making a quilt for her dorm room. She'd come sit near me as I sewed. We'd talk some, calming nerves... and treasuring time together.

    The book ends of life, right? It feels just as close, those days right before kindergarten.


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