Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Cargo Pants & Polka Dotted Undies

Since the start of the new year, approximately 11 weeks ago, I've been focused. 

My alarm goes off four mornings a week at 4:30 am to which I grab some clothes to run or spin in, a water bottle, sometimes a quick sip of coffee, and a prayer...a prayer of thanks and hope...gratitude for the gift of health and hope that I will use my energy and determination to push me farther than the day before.

And so far, so good.  The weekends bring outdoor runs culminating with the most mileage run on Sunday mornings.

So yesterday, during the spat of rainy, over cast weather, I decided to be daring.  I reached into my closet and pulled out my favorite pair of comfy, 'on-the-go', wear with anything cargo pants and into my bureau for my favorite pair of polka dotted undies.  Both fit like a glove.

The sweating...the shin splints...the exhaustion has a purpose.  And believe me, its far from over.  I have seven weeks to go until I run a half marathon and then, I'm going to run a few more races this summer.

But its the little wins along the way that have me smiling and saying...keep going...keep trying...there's other underwear dying for your tooshie to adorn them.

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