Thursday, March 15, 2012

Hot Gym Guy

For as long as I've been going to the gym, there's always been a "hot gym guy."

Let me clarify who I am not talking's not the dude who is lifting ridiculous amounts of weight and can barely get in 5 reps before the weight crashes down, shakes the whole place, and he lets out some disgusting primal grunt.  Nor am I referring to the creepy guy who is spending more time watching the ladies then he is his own workout.

No, I'm referring to the hot guy...the one who runs like a mother, who does pull ups like it's his job and who does push ups in the corner until he passes out.

My husband and I once laughed about who was "hot" at the gym, because yes, even married guys notice too.  We had totally different impressions...which was fascinating to me.

My hot guy happened to jump on a treadmill next to me the other morning.  And all of the sudden like a third grade school girl, I started to up my pace and run.  I was resolute that I would run longer than he and I did.

Some use protein drinks, some play crazy music, others watch TV screens of infomercials, I channel the "hot guy" presence...who doesn't even know that I exist, who I will never talk to, but who gets me running faster than I might have before.  Long live the "hot gym guy."

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