Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Girl's Trip

I am counting down the days...

until, I hop in a car and drive away with a couple of my girl friends for a much needed, much anticipated, long awaited girls weekend.

On the agenda, a fabulous time at the spa complete with a sugar scrub, mani and pedi...copious amounts of shopping, wine, coffee, a long dinner with music and maybe dancing afterwards....oh yes, and a long run, at least 6 miles.

This is my third year going and my husband is so amazing when it comes to saying, "Go, have fun.  We will be more than fine and may have more fun than you!"

And so, with that, you don't have to tell me twice to pack my bag and get out of Dodge.

One of the best parts of a girl's weekend (other than the fact that you don't have to take care of kiddos, make beds, do laundry, or cook) is that you get to bond with your besties.  And, I tell you what, I have some pretty amazing women in my life.

So, as we speak, I'm organizing my "go out" sexy mama clothes along with my running shoes and my car trip play list.  It's on...and it's going to be so fun!


  1. I'm with your husband on that one! Me and the kids always have a blast when mom is away. I'm usually the same way, encouraging her to go out and take some time off. Mamas around the world all deserve a break! :-)


  2.'re an awesome husband! Hats off for encouraging Julie to get out of the house and to spend time by herself or with her girlfriends. She's a better mama for doing so and you, well, I've seen the fun restaurants that you take your boys to when mom's gone. =)


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