Tuesday, March 27, 2012

I Love You

Shortly before I left on a Girls weekend get-a-away, I turned to my four-year old daughter Kate and said, "I love you and I'm going to miss you.  Are you going to miss me?"

To which she said, "Naw...I'll be having too much fun with papa." 

My heart was sad and happy in the same moment.

I grew up in a household where saying the words "I love you" were common place, expected, appreciated and savored.  I can't think of the last time I got off of the phone with my parents, siblings or extended family without saying, "I love you."

To that end, we are also big fans of PDA (public displays of affection)...we kiss, we hug and in general, we let the other person know that we are thankful they are in our lives.

So, I always assumed that affection and vast amounts of it were the norm...especially, when you have children.  Who doesn't want to cuddle and pinch the cheeks of a little one...well, I mean, a little one that you know.

But not everyone subscribes to the same philosophy.  For some, a hand shake or an "I'll see you soon." or "Take care." is the extent of the good bye.  Which I have to admit is really odd to me.

So, I'm just throwing it out there...if you bump into me at the grocery store, the library, the park, preschool, a restaurant, you name it...chances are, I'll hug you first, but if I don't, feel free to give me a bear hug and to say, "I love you."  I just happen to think the world would be a better place if we all did so more often.

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