Thursday, March 1, 2012

Locked Out

The day started out well.

I went for an early morning run, got Sam off to school, and discovered that the bill for our auto repairs would be manageable.

Kate had her best friend over for a play date and after dropping her off, we pull up to our house to find out that the door won't open.

I unlocked the dead bolt which is the only lock we use and the door was still locked.  Low and behold, Kate had locked the second lock from the inside before leaving.  SHITTTTTTT!!!

It was lunch time and I had a screaming baby who was hungry and tired.

I call my husband, "HELP!"  He calls a lock smith who arrives and can not unlock the door.  Are you kidding me?  I'm dying on the vine here and from time to time, you can't get locks.  He told me that I should take comfort in the fact that I had a secure house.  Christ.

So, we call a second lock smith. The first guy because he's frustrated decides to wait for the second to see if he can get it.  Turns out that they know each other and the second dude unlocks it in under a minute.  The first dude says, "Yep, I got it loosened up for ya."

Mother of's been a $500 day and I am wiped out.  Thank God that the sun is shining and the baby is finally in bed.  Oh and under threat of death, Kate promises to never touch the door again.

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