Monday, March 12, 2012

The Club

Ever notice that when you take on something new in your life that you start to see people doing what you're doing all around you?

For example, when I started my first job, I noticed ladies in suits with attache cases and to-go cups of Starbucks.  When I was pregnant, I saw prego ladies everywhere I went...round little bellies and mamas that just wanted to put their feet up.  When I first became a mother, I saw strollers, babies in front carriers, mothers breast feeding, and complex smiles that screamed exhaustion and sweetness all in the same glance.

And now, everywhere I go...I mean everywhere I go...I see runners.  At first, I felt like a phony waving to them as we would pass each other on the side of the road or in the park.  Now, when I see them driving, I want to cheer them on.  When I see them climbing up a hill, I want to run with them and encourage them to soldier on. 

I'm definitely a novice in the club...but by now, I do feel like a member.  And it's a cool club.  You'll find people of all shapes and sizes, every age and ability.  And the best part is that everyone seems to be incredibly welcoming and supportive.

Running is good for the soul.  And, when you do climb the hill or round the bend on your last mile and you see another look in their eyes and you both know that it was hard fought and so worth it.

Kind of excited to be in the cool kids club.

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