Saturday, March 10, 2012

Finding Love at the Museum

This morning, after pancakes and a quick run, we grabbed the kiddos and headed out the door to Josyln Art Museum. 

For our community, the Joslyn is an amazing asset.  The building is majestic, the exhibits are world renowned and their focus on children and family is a huge draw.  And, every Saturday morning, admission is free.

Currently, they're featuring a 100+ piece exhibit from the Brooklyn Museum entitled, "To Live Forever: Egyptian Treasurers" focusing on life, death, afterlife, mummification, tombs, rituals and burials.  It's pretty off the charts.

We spent time with the three kiddos just standing in awe of the paintings and talking about what we experienced when we saw them.  This is something that I've been eager and wanting to incorporate into our family outings for sometime.  Sam, our 7-year old kept grabbing our arms and saying, "Come here, I have something extremely special to show you."  And then, Kate, 4-years old, would gasp, "Cool...a map or a statue."  The baby just took it in and walked around like a drunken sailor.

I love watching my children fall in love with art.  And even if we can only spend a short time before our bellies need a snack and our bodies need to run, jump, and says to me that their imaginations are hungry and yearning for ways to connect with the world.

I'm certain that this is just the beginning of many outings.  My hope is that we'll be able to explore in lots of different communities and who knows maybe one day their pieces will hang on a wall for others to fall in love with too.

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  1. That is a wonderful museum. I remember the incredible glass piece I saw there. The kids and I logged MANY hours at The Children's Museum in Omaha.


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