Monday, March 26, 2012

The Essence of a Sugar Scrub

This weekend, I indulged in a sugar scrub.

If you've never had one, indulge me in describing the experience.

You strip down to your birthday suit.

You lay on a heated bed and put one cloth over your nether region and one cloth over your tatas. 

It's dark.  The music is relaxing.  The masseuse starts by exfoliating your body...then rubs a warm mixture of sugar over your front and back.  Then, you take a rain shower and finish with a lotion massage. At the conclusion, you're given a big glass of water and a warm cup of hot green tea and encouraged to relax in the sauna.

At this point, roughly 60-75 minutes later, you've reached a state of nirvana.  You have no worries.  Your troubles have found another home.  Your body feels silky smooth.  Your heart is at peace and you're ready to close your eyes and sleep for at least 24 hours and beyond a shadow of a doubt, you feel beautiful and sexy.  You have finally inhabited your body.  Out of your head and into your matter.

When it was all said and done, I turned to my girlfriend who had a scrub as well and said, "This is so amazing...I want to ride this calm...this feeling forever.  I feel beautiful."  She agreed and said, "Let's work this into the budget."

So, I'm thinking that we should give up all the ancillary stupid shit that we spend money on and invest in a scrub/sauna at least once a month.  It's so worth it.

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