Sunday, April 29, 2012

Rainy Day Irritability

Why is it that rainy days have this wonderful way of making me sleepy and lethargic...and then, when I can't rest because of parenting, I get pissy (Is that a word?...I'm really good at making them up).

It started with mass this morning.  We woke up with plenty of time, everyone had breakfast, showers, and an opportunity to lolly gag...and then, we made it out the door...on time.  Only to arrive at church, with a baby who refused to go into the nursery (really...she was kicking, screeching and in general, not happy) and two big kids who couldn't sit still to save their lives.

Making it only until the end of communion, we packed our bags and decided to call it good.  My husband headed home with the kids to make lunch and I headed to my second home, Target.

All was good.  I talked to my favorite Starbucks lady and treated myself to a cup of joe, gathered a few snacks for a play date, and then, bam got smacked up at the pharmacy.  I was trying to buy Zrtec-D and upon giving my ID to the pharmacist was told that I'd reached my limit for the month.  Sweet Jesus!  What is the limit? Well, after delivering the news in grams and me asking for layman's terms, he said, about one box of 24 pills a month.  And then, he proceeded to give me the stink eye, as if I was a pseudoephedrine addict.  Christ!

After grabbing my additional items while fuming, I walked outside to a huge thunder cloud and a shitload of rain.  Soaked in my car, I drowned my sorrows in NPR programming.

Following Target, my kids invited over two of their favorite friends and proceeded to scream like banshees for two hours.  I screamed at my husband to scream at them and then we all started screaming at each other and well, here I am.  Looking out the window at the rain thinking, "Fuck it...let's reboot.  Where's the sunshine?"

Sometimes, rainy days are a pisser especially, when you can't hang out in your pajamas all day.

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  1. That's crazy.. .there's 30 days in a month - that doesn't compute!!!


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