Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Forks in the Road

It's crazy, isn't it?

When you look back over your life at the many crossroads...forks in the road...opportunities to go one way versus another.

Whether it's a job that you turned down...a relationship that you started or ended....a city that you relocated in or decided not to....a friendship that you forged or gradually let fall by the way side....a faith that you embraced or rejected....ultimately, choices...decisions that you made that have determined where you are today.

I firmly believe that all things happen in life for a reason and that most of the time, in spite of ourselves, even when we're purposefully trying to sabotage our own progress...we get there, one way or another....and it all happens in the perfect season of our lives.

My husband was engaged before me.  He called off the engagement and broke the heart of his fiancee as well as her families.  But it was the right decision.

My undergraduate internship turned into a job offer and a chance to stay in the windy city post college, but I turned it down for a secretarial job in Omaha and a chance to see if a long-term relationship would morph into marriage.  It did not.  But at the time, it felt like the right decision.

Five years ago, I said goodbye to a really good paying job with a bonus, benefits, and a fantastic mentor to stay at home with my children.  Aside from marrying my husband, it was the best decision I've ever made.

Life is full of forks.  And because we're all human, we often look back and wonder, "what would have happened if I'd have _____."  The problem is, you'll never know because you're here where you're supposed to be.  The journey is full of opportunities for growth and change.  Every day brings multiple chances to say yes to this and no to that. 

The most important gift is to live without regret...to recognize that you made the best decision with what you knew then and to trust that this moment is perfect for you, always.

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