Monday, April 30, 2012

Finding Our Own Language

We taught sign language to our first two kiddos.

But Claire, well as the third child, she got the short end of the stick. 

She knows how to sign, "more," and "thank you," and to point and grunt at everything else.

Our children call us "Mama," and "Papa," so she can say those words too...but that's about it.

Because our older two are pretty darn articulate and communicative, I probed the pediatrician at Claire's last well-baby check.  Worried that she may be developmentally behind, he immediately put my fears to rest.

"Watch this," he said.  "Claire, go get the book." (to which she did)  "Claire, where's the sky?"  (to which she looked up)  "Claire, give mama a hug."  (and she hugged me).

Siblings (particularly those farther down the food chain) don't have to learn to verbalize early on because their brothers and sisters do all of the talking for them.  Which makes me feel a little bit better.  But unfortunately, we still struggle with constant shrieking, temper tantrums when we're not getting her what she wants, and high pitched grunting at items of her choosing.

To which the doctor said, that really has more to do with who she is as a person...feisty, particular, determined, and it would appear, fairly independent.

Great.  I think we're in for it when it comes to this one.  Our sweet little Claire...the crazy one.

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