Saturday, April 21, 2012

Get Off Your Arse

So the other day, someone said to me, "That's crazy running a just seems grueling...hard on the body and for what to get injured, set yourself up for knee problems...I just don't get the hype."

I understand where he was coming from because all of those things are true, but it's hard not to be judgmental when you see that he's overweight and has a sedentary lifestyle.

One of the biggest reasons why I get up 5 days a week at 4:30am to run is because it feels good.  Before you think I'm a crazy lady, just hear me out.

After you get past the feeling groggy, light headed, wishing you were back in your cozy bed (which goes away faster than you think it will) and you start realize that your body wasn't meant to be on the was meant to be in motion.

And once you honor that and start exerting yourself, endorphins rush in, adrenaline builds, you get a little happy, and feel alive. 

So, don't have to run a marathon.  But you do have to do something...walk, cycle, blade, board, yoga, zumba, jazzercise, boot camp, elliptical, jump, yell, dance, activate yourself.

You don't realize how down in the dumps you've been until you set your body in motion and remember how good it feels to breathe in and out, to let go of the smart phone, the keyboard, the to-do list and you focus on your body.

Get outside and move your'll be so glad you did.


  1. If you keep writing like this I will quit reading your blog. ;-) go get em kelly!

  2. Janie!!! You crack me up...just join the God damn gym already so that we can run our asses off together or lift or do whatever you'd like to!


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