Sunday, July 22, 2012

"The Deep Blue Sea"

Last night my husband and I watched the 2011 flick, "The Deep Blue Sea" starring Rachel Weisz and Tom Hiddleston.

If you've not seen it, below is a brief clip:

The film is set in post WWII London with a stunning 30's something Weisz who is in a passionless marriage with a late 50's something partner who is wholeheartedly, beyond a shadow of a doubt devoted to her.

Along the way, she meets and falls desperately in love with Hiddleston, a man her age who excites every part of her being...but cannot promise the same undying, unconditional affection that her husband freely doles out.

Unable to control her feelings, Weisz is cataclysmically torn between the two until fate decides and ultimately, she is tortured.

Such is the beauty of life.  Would you rather be in a safe, passionless union or a volatile, alive partnership?  The question is sort of timeless and probably plays out across the world daily. 

It's the trade offs we make in life.  But knowing that you only have one, what would you do?

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