Thursday, July 26, 2012

Joining the iPhone Club

So last night, I joined the cool kids club and bought my first iPhone.

You should have seen the dudes in the Apple store.  It was like Christmas, Hanukkah and the Fourth of July all mixed into one over-the-top shindig.  They were all super happy to find the one and only iPhone virgin in the universe.  They had fun indoctrinating me into the world of milk and honey.

Seriously.  I've had the same android smart phone for three years.  It's been fine.  It's done the trick when it comes to email, text messages, facebook, etc....but, the battery sucked...literally.

And so, in preparation for my trip to run the Chicago Half Marathon, I've been researching iPhones and whether or not to wait until the iPhone 5 comes out in September/October.

After much deliberation and the fact that the race is on September 9th (and ultimately, I don't want to get caught on the subway with a dead phone), I decided to go for it.

I'm sure I'll be envious of my husband when he gets the fifth generation phone this fall.

That said, now, I GET it.  I used to ask people all the time why they liked their iPhone.  They could never really tell me.  Except that much like anything really good in life, once you've had a taste, you'll never go back.

And so, yes, it is incredibly intuitive...super user friendly...beautifully designed and incredibly fun to ask Siri questions.  But mostly, its cool, that's all.

Kinda like running.

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  1. Welcome. :) I always felt the same way. It seems cool, but is it really worth it? People were emphatic that once they had their iphone, they could never go back.

    And now...I can't explain it. I just love it to pieces.


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