Monday, July 16, 2012

Props to You

I'll never forget one of the worst break up lines I was ever delivered...

"The woman that I'm going to marry is the one that I can't live without...

and I can live without you."

I was taken aback and humiliated.  And I was young.  Really young.  Too young to know that that man was doing me a big favor.  Huge. 

He was teaching me in that moment and in moments to come that the greatest source of strength, pride, props, happiness must come from you and not another.

So, if someone thinks that you're not the one for the job, for the project, for the position, for the future, for the marriage, for the having of children, for the friendship, for the ________....fuck them.

Most likely, they're doing you a favor and the better option lies on the other side just waiting for you to discover it...or it to discover you.

After another challenging break up, my step mom once told me that if someone doesn't like you...screw don't like them more.

Immature.  Yes.  Satisfying, even temporarily, hell yes.

Whatever it takes....but remember, you are worth it.  You have what you need innately, no need to wait for another to validate it within you.

Now go off and enjoy the day with your bad self.

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