Tuesday, July 17, 2012

In Need of a Hug

Do you ever have days that don't go your way?

You know...the ones where you sort of had a game plan, started out the morning confident, and then out of the blue, it all turned to shit.

Yep, that was me, yesterday.

I got in a great 5 mile run, pushed myself to do more push ups than I'd done in a single setting before, got the big kids off to Vacation Bible School, managed to get the toddler and the groceries out of the store in one piece, treated the kids to a fun afternoon brainiac board game, and then out of no where, the devil unleashed his fury...

The kids started going ape shit taunting each other with interchangeable tattling, arguing, and fighting.

Quickly grabbing the mail for a bit of a reprieve, I opened up an envelope and discovered that our home owner's insurance increased again and we've never had a claim on our house.

Then another medical bill.  Then, the reminder that I need to purchase the kids' school uniforms and then anxiety that there really is no money tree in the back yard.

On the phone getting a quote from a competing insurance carrier, I accidentally hung up on the rep because Kate ran into the kitchen screaming that Sam made her laugh too hard, so she peed all over his bed.

Then, Claire, our 18-month old toddler climbed up the bunk bed ladder and just before she was preparing to launch herself, Sam screams "Mama, Claire's going to jump."  About to have a heart attack, I screamed, "ENOUGH!!"

And to that end, I called my husband and a girlfriend and essentially said, "I just need a hug."

Sometimes, it's the best medication.  Now, back to the crazies.

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