Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Your Last Day

I've been painfully aware of mortality over the past few days.

My 13-year old cousin has been patiently waiting at Children's Hospital for a bone marrow donor and after some less than encouraging news this past weekend...we're not any closer to a match and he and has mother may have to travel for the transplant.

Learning about his situation, he said, "I want to make a living will, so that I can designate presents to go to people who I love, so that they will remember me."

Heart broken on a run, Nickelback came on the playlist with the song "If Today Was Your Last Day."  Listening to the lyrics, I began contemplating...what if I only had the next 24 hours to be on this earth?  How would I behave differently?

Who would I say I'm sorry to?  Who would I forgive?  Who would I no longer dwell upon so that I could carve out space and love for those who matter most?  How would I spend my time?

We all know that tomorrow is guaranteed to no one.  At any moment, your time could be up.  So, why do we take it for granted.  Why don't we reach out?  Why don't we do that one thing that we're terrifyingly afraid of?  And why don't we acknowledge that this time is precious? 

My cousin is teaching me that life is for the living and not for the postponing.

What would you do if today was your last day?


  1. I wouldn't be listening to Nickleback.

  2. That's cool, Anonymous. The band really has nothing to do with the post.


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