Thursday, May 31, 2012

Preparing to Make Memories

In a few short weeks, we're headed to Colorado for our first family vacation in the Rocky Mountains.

We've been dreaming about what the adults and the kids want to do with their time. 

On the agenda for me will be a lot of scenic trail running, hiking, smore making, and trips to write in solitude.  My husband will probably be white water rafting, mountain biking, fishing and swimming.  And the kids...well, they want to do everything.

I can't wait to breathe in the mountain air, take in the geography, giggle with my family and make memories.

I'm certain that we'll take lots of photos and video, but I'm sure it's the pictures in my mind that will be the most know the random ones that arise out of the blue when there's no camera in sight and all you can do is treasure it.

So as we make our lists of things to bring, things to do, and places to visit...I am grateful for my family and for the beginning of these journeys...when Sam (7) will be able to recall experiences, Kate (4) will be old enough to endure a day's activities and Claire (17 months) is cute enough to help us withstand her screeches and still able to fall asleep in a front carrier.

Here's to memory making in Colorado.

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