Thursday, May 24, 2012

A Toast to Single Parents

My husband was only out of town for a short time.

It was a quick turn around, the problem was that we were out of practice.

It had been several months since he'd boarded a jet plane for work and many a moon since I had to manage the household sans a partner.

But heck, I've done it many a time before, so why was there so much yelling, crying, and subsequent apologizing on all of our parts?

" just hurt my feelings!"

"Well, I expect you to listen to me the first time and when I have to repeat myself, I become angry and frustrated.  So, in a way, you hurt my feelings too."

"When does papa get home?"

"Not for a while."

"Why do you always yell?"

"Because you and your brother aren't making positive choices."

"I want to watch TV.  I want a toy from Target.  I want to go to the water slides.  I want dessert."

"I want wine."

For those of you who do it alone, there is a special place for you in Heaven among saints, martyrs and the likes.  You are to be commended, cherished, nurtured, and rewarded for your efforts.  There is nothing more sacred than the sacrifices you make.  And because your kiddos probably don't remember to pat you on the back...visualize me doing so.  I stand in awe.

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