Saturday, May 26, 2012

Summer Fun

I love, love, love summer, mostly because I love, love, love the pool.

I know that it petrifies many parents of little ones...but for some reason, I groove on it...even with three little ones under the age of seven in tow, and usually one of their playmates to boot.

There is nothing more fun than getting wet, splashing each other with water, making rafts out of noodles, seeing how long you can hold your breath, and that glorious feeling of laying on your belly to dry off in the sun.

And then for parents, there is that beautiful time post several hours in the sun when your kids are dutifully exhausted and ready to crash out to a movie or bed.

Today was our first full day at the pool and it was so much fun to talk about all of the things we didn't have to do this summer.

Get up for school.  Practice our spelling words.  Go to bed early.  Do math homework.  And the list goes on.

Summer is fun.  I just have to remember our times of laughing at the pool and forget about the sibling fighting, incessant sand strewn throughout my house, multiple smoothie and fruit roll up residue and trust that our sticky popsicle, chlorine filled swim suit, super soaker, scooter/bike memories are all worth it.

Here's to summer!

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