Friday, May 25, 2012

Relationship Do Over

Do you have someone out there...someone from your past that you miss?

A person, a friend that you used to be close to and now, for a myriad of reasons (or maybe for no reason at all), you're not.

Maybe it was complicated.  Maybe it wasn't.  Maybe it was cut and dry.  Maybe you had closure.  Or maybe there was nothing other than a vacancy, a void, a silence. And the connection was over. 

And sometimes, while you're driving to work, taking a shower, doing your thing, you think about them.  You'd like to share your life and find out how things have been going or how things turned out with that 'thing' that they were embarking upon. 

But you can't imagine saying, "I'm sorry."  You're not even sure why you don't talk anymore.  You just know that it's been a really long time and a phone call or an email out of the blue might feel unexpected, awkward or worse, rejected.

Should you reach out?  What's it worth?  Can your ego handle the response?  Would a rekindled relationship started anew be a good thing?

I have someone that I miss.  So, if you're reading this.  I'm sorry.  I hope you're well.

Relationships/friendships are such finicky contraptions.  They're tender, fragile, and challenging because they're comprised of people who disappoint and fail each other.  But at the heart of it, the beauty is that we can try again.


  1. I read once that not all friendships are permanent. Some are in your life for a season, some for a reason, and some for a lifetime. But I find that hard to accept.
    With some friendships, it's easy to let go - it feels okay, it's over - just like most dating relationships! Others are a real loss, especially when there was no real reason. Maybe they were affected by time constraints, different life circumstances that made it hard to relate.
    Sometimes it's just that neither of them has called in a while and they're afraid the other hates them, or is holding a grudge.

    I too, have a friend I lost touch with. I feel like I tried to reach out several times but for whatever reason, she wasn't ready. We're sort of tangentially in touch thanks to social media - but if she wanted to truly connect again, I'd be thrilled.

  2. Tammy...I'm so glad that you wrote. You made the blog post worth the writing. Love to you...


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