Monday, May 7, 2012

What's Next?

After completing the half marathon, everyone keeps asking me, "What's next?"

Since I've dubbed it "The Year of Kelly,"  I need to have another dream...another pie-in-the-sky.  So, what should it be?

I've been on a roll with running, so I was thinking that maybe I should register to run the Omaha Half Marathon scheduled for the end of September.  And maybe this time, I could strive for a personal record instead of just simply to cross the finish line.

My mom is pushing me to run a marathon by the end of the go big.  But damn, 26.2 miles is a lot especially to ramp up to that, but I'm definitely not ruling it out.

My friend thinks that I should train for a Half Iron Man which is a 1.2 mile swim followed immediately by a 56 mile bike course followed immediately by a half marathon.  She's getting ready to do her first one next month and continues to inspire me to no end.

Maybe I'll shoot for the second half marathon first, the marathon second, and the Half Iron Man in another lifetime.

Whatever is on the radar, I want to keep getting stronger.  I want to keep fitness and activity a focus.  And I want to encourage others to invest in their bodies, so that they can be better for their loved ones.

Anyone have any ideas on next steps?  I need to invest in a new training plan soon.  Gotta keep the momentum going.  Maybe, we could do it together?

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  1. Kelly,
    I've only done full marathons and don't have time this summer to train for another full. But I'd be very interested in training for the Omaha half with you. If you are interested email me. Great goals to have!


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