Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentines Day

Maybe today has brought you flowers, chocolates, plans for an evening out, a sexy black dress.

Or, if your life looks like mine, its brought you noses that need to be wiped, diapers that need to be changed, boo boos that need to be loved, dishes that need to be washed and yes, the promise of pizza/movie at the end of the day.

The times they have changed...but absolutely in a good way.

Every day and twice on Tuesday, I would take an abundance of love in all of the ordinary moments over those few "whisk me off my feet" romantic memories that I have of Valentines days past.  And plus, flowers die, lots of chocolate makes you big, sexy black dresses well...I do love them, so okay, I'd like an occasion to wear mine more often.

That said, how do we love our loves in the ordinary?  I'll tell you how mine love me.  While in the bath last night, I was brought a cup of tea and a big hug from a little girl that said, "Let me tell you something mama...I love you."  Later, my husband, after a day of being on the road and reading bedtime stories to the kids said, "Thanks again for picking me....I love you."  And my son, who is not a huge delver out of affection said, "Thanks for the pickles in my lunch today...you rock."  And Claire, well, she stopped wining long enough for me to enjoy a cup of tea and check my email.

We are all loved.  We just have to pay attention to it.  The divine is in the sweet, often unnoticed, richly blessed moments.  Happy Valentines Day.

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