Saturday, February 11, 2012

Lenten Sacrifice

I have had a love affair with coffee since I was a little girl.

My grandparents introduced it to me when they taught me to play cards and since that time (despite the fact that it would stunt my growth), I've been hooked.

I love the aroma, the taste, and the connection I make when the hot drink meets my lips.  I can't imagine not having it every day.

Lent comes in two weeks.  It serves as a 40-day reminder of the sacrifices that Christ made for us, and as such, I try to either give something up or do something that will serve as a meaningful symbolic connection. 

Let me begin by saying that I certainly don't liken caffeine deprivation to the crucifixion...but well, in my meager world, it's pretty high up there.  I tell my pregnant girlfriends who are worried about drinking a cup of coffee in their first trimester, that I guzzled it during all three of my pregnancies...and as such, my Kate will still eat whole coffee beans, like it's nothing but a thing.

That said, what do I sacrifice?  Booze, you say?  It's really not hard for me to do.  I rarely drink.  Cursing?  Naw, I don't even allow the word fart to be said in my home.  Social media outlets?  I'm considering it.  Chocolate?  It's a close second to coffee and is giving me a damn good run for my money.

It needs to be something that I can commit to and that I really feel a significant impact post the experience.  Any thoughts?

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