Sunday, February 26, 2012


Here's the crazy thing about health....once you make it a priority, you start to realize how much unnecessary garbage that you've been harboring...and then the real you, comes out, front and center.

And I'm not just talking about a physical health transformation...I'm talking about shedding light on any area of your life that has been dark for a while.

Whether that's a miserable job, a failed relationship, financial challenges, a spiritual dearth.  You name it, there are many ways that we can reclaim health in our lives.  And the beautiful part of the process is that once you reconnect with even one component, you begin to feel passion and excitement about the others.

On my long run this morning, the sun was shining, the temperature was envious for a February day and I couldn't help but take in everything.  The snow on the ground.  The birds chirping.  The apparent lovers running while holding hands (okay, this one seemed a little creepy and a bit of a safety hazard), and the old man with his walker traversing the golf course with a big smile on his face.

Health is good.  Because ultimately, whether you make a choice to shed weight, to build muscle, to tell your boss to fuck off, to demand more of your relationship, to stop yelling at your kids, or to find time to be with are investing in your soul.  And you know it when it's happening because it feels good and you want more of it.  More time to rediscover you.

And the truth is...time is love.  So, take care of yourself.  You're the only true advocate for your life.  Celebrate it.

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