Thursday, February 23, 2012


I don't know what your life looks like but mine is

loud, busy, frenetic, and often, filled with much to do.

Solitude is at an all-time premium and sometimes, I become angry when I can't find a real moment of peace.

So this morning after a less then satisfying run, I laid down and stretched for a really long time by myself.

My right shin was screaming, my feet were on fire, my shoulders ached and I recognized that its time for some alone time.  And not the kind of alone time where you fold the last load of laundry or you go grocery shopping or you fill in the blank.

I'm talking about genuine, authentic, quiet.  Where you don't "do" anything...except maybe breathe...where the mental to-do lists fall off, the guilty feelings of "should" or "can't" go away and you are by yourself...entirely alone and quiet.

How do I do this?  Carve out a space that is entirely mine.  I'm all ears.


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  1. Hey Kelly- for me, alone time is when I get to work out. A different way of looking at it. It's not the relaxing, do nothing time, but it is me time and quiet time (except for the random thoughts in my head). Time is such a premium with kids that me time takes on a different definition now.


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