Saturday, February 18, 2012

Actualizing My Potential

I have to confess.  I've had this weird fear my whole life. 

I'm not entirely sure how to describe it except that it goes something like this...whatever the, jobs, friendships, relationships, home ownership, fitness, etc....that I'm not actualizing my full potential. 

Immediately, you're thinking how self-absorbed...narcissistic....egotistical...ridiculous.  And, you're right. 

Let me clarify by saying that I don't by any means think that I'm destined for greatness.  But I do have a tendency to get comfortable, to fall into old habits, to get lazy, and to (from time to time) cut corners.  And there are moments, when I know that I can do and be more.

It's that feeling in my heart that says, "Push yourself...there's more to experience, more to treasure, greater memories to be had...but you have to want it."

I think I fall back on that which I know because I'm afraid of failure and of course, the unknown.  But my hope is that I will try harder particularly in my relationships to connect deeper with those I love.  I hope that I will challenge myself to learn more about my surroundings and to continue to push my body to its limits. 

The only time that we're not actualizing our full potential is when we become complacent, apathetic, numb.  Until then, there's always room to expand, to grow, and to garner more than we initially thought possible.

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