Friday, February 24, 2012

Recalling Beauty

In an effort to slow down more in my life and to take in that which I've been given, I'm noticing so much raw, tarnished, glorious beauty in my midst.

It used to be wrapped up in a traditional composition like a bouquet of flowers or a sunset...but lately, it's coming in the form of a look on my children's faces or in the aftermath of someone did wrong and their suffering.

As a philosophy major, one of the first texts I read was Plato and the art of beauty.  His premise is that beauty like knowledge is innate to the soul.  It's not something that we learn, rather it's something that we recall.  We are born with an eternal sense of love and truth and over the course of our lives and our experiences with each other, we recall that which we know to be intrinsically beautiful.

And this I believe.

In everyone of us is the capacity for goodness, kindness, beauty.

What is beautiful in your world?  What has been there all along that you're just appreciating or discovering today?  What makes your heart flutter and your eyes widen and transports you to the eternal...or rather back to that from which you came?

Today, for me, it is the gift of my daughter's tears.  She's been wounded yet again by her brother (which I'm certain will happen hundreds of times over in her life) and through her sobs, she offers to try again.  Beautiful.

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