Saturday, October 4, 2014

You...Through My Eyes

I watch you.

I know it's not easy.

Especially, when the washing machine breaks for the third time and you find yourself 'you-tubing' how to change out pumps and fix drain blockages and crazy shit that used to be reserved for him.

I see that you're tired.

Managing everything.  Making sure that your little ones have what they need for school, their extracurricular activities, their spiritual development, their overall well-being.  This at the same time that you contend with the battery that dies in the car and that pesky tire that gives you heartburn.

Oh and then there's your job.  You're kind of a rock star.  You make the hard stuff look easy and unfortunately, because you're so good, just like at home, people are constantly in need of your expertise.  And because you were a born 'go-to' gal, you never say no.

You bring the snacks and the birthday treats to the classroom.

You stay up late making Halloween costumes and fostering rescue animals.

You refuse to kill spiders or rodents or anything that comes along your path, even if it's a nuisance.

And any stray anything would be lucky to stumble upon you, because odds are, you would make it a part of your family.

Speaking of which...even though it doesn't look like the traditional have cultivated a family.  A real live, beautiful, imperfect, connected family.

And even when the shit hits the fan, you do it.  You defy the word divorce and you embrace the word love.  You stare fear in the face and you fight it with determination and sheer grit.

You are strong.  You have weathered more than most.

And you are beautiful.  God, you are beautiful.

And everyone who meets you or is privileged to get to be a part of your inner circle sees that you radiate loyalty, warmth, kindness and a spirit of generosity that is second to none.

I stand in admiration of the life that you've created for you and your children.

And I just think sometimes, we need to be told. 

You...through my amazing.

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