Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Stomach Flu and Ariana Grande

She woke up from a nap yesterday ready to hurl.

I felt so badly.  It's no fun to be three and have the stomach flu.

But we held her hair back and she did what she needed to do.

And then proceeded to spend the rest of the night on the couch watching episodes of "Wild Krats" while drinking Gatorade and being very hot.

It was a long night and so, I opted to not run this morning...which even when it seems like the right thing to do, always finds a way to bite me in the ass.

And so, after playing countless games of Sorry, Sequence For Kids, Zingo, Mommies and Babies and reading "Where the Wild Things Are" and doing all of the voices, I took a break.

A friend brought a venti Americano to my abode and I sucked it down...in my kitchen...while putting the dishes away...with my headphones on...belting out this song.

And that's when you came in..."Why do you have one less problem without me?"

I started to laugh until I realized that you really felt sad.  I took out my headphones and played the song for you and told you it was just a fun song to run to...and then, we danced to this one...until I realized that was probably the wrong thing to do when your tummy isn't feeling the best.

In the end, we're choosing to shake off the blues of the stomach flu and I am willing this shit out of my home.  It's too early in the season...sickness be gone.  I've got one less problem without ya.

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