Thursday, October 16, 2014

The Next Right Thing

Do you ever feel like you're perpetually "off the wagon?"

I'm not sure what the triggers, temptations, or burdens are for you...

but for me, they look a lot like procrastination, not taking the high road instead, throwing a temper tantrum when I should just bite my tongue, eating too much chocolate or potato chips, indulging in too much Starbucks, coveting my neighbor's stuff or the girl who is off the charts fit at the gym, and not following through with my commitment to run regularly and to take care of myself.

For some friends, it's having too much wine in the evening too often, taking a trip that they really can't afford, fantasizing a little too regularly about a different life, or spending too much time with a screen in front of their face instead of the ones they love.

Whatever it is...we all know what plagues us and that we wish we had more will power and stamina to change.

So, the other night when I was throwing a pity party for myself about my weight, my inability to keep my running on track and my frustration with being on this ridiculous rat wheel for too long, my husband just turned to me and said, "It's easy. Just do the next right thing."

So, put the M&M's down.  Pick up the glass of water.  Lay out your running clothes.  Set your alarm.  Forgive yourself for the past.  Choose differently.  At any point, you always get the opportunity to behave differently. Just decide and then do the next right thing.

I thought it was brilliant.  Obnoxiously obvious, but really right on the money and applicable to every situation in life.

At any given time, we know what we could be doing instead of what we are doing.  So the task is first to stop.  That's it.  Just stop.  Enough already.

And then, do what you're supposed to do.

Because the truth is, we feel better when we find ourselves taking the high road again and again. 

Easier said than done, I know.  But sometimes, we just have to be reminded that we can, if we choose to, do the right thing.

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