Saturday, August 18, 2012

Why Run?

The other day, a friend asked, "Out of all the things you could have picked.  Why did you decide to start running?"

Which begged the question, why do I run?

So, on my 11-miler this morning, I focused on the question and came up with these thoughts.

Below is a picture of where I'm headed 2 weeks, I'll be running
the Chicago Half Marathon alone on Lake Shore Drive remembering why I run.

The Chicago lakefront path (courtesy of Chicago Runner Girl blog)


  1. Kelly--while you will be "alone" in Chicago, remember you are not truly alone. You have many friends and family who are behind you and support you in this and all other endeavors. We may not be there in person, but we will be there in spirit, pushing, cheering, & praying you have a fantastic race and experience. In addition, you can gain strength from all your fellow runners that have chosen this path as well. You will rock it!! So, so proud of you my friend!! ---Ali

  2. Oh Sweet Ali--you are such a kind friend. While I wish that I was sharing the experience with a friend, I also know that I'm meant to physically be alone for a reason. I think it's God's way of pushing me out of my comfort zone on lots of levels so that I can fully experience real joy and adventure. Love you to pieces, K


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