Thursday, August 2, 2012

Letter of Apology to my Gay Friends

I've been wanting to write for sometime.

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry that from the moment you knew you were gay that life has not been easy. 

I'm sorry that you've been ridiculed and ostracized because of your sexual orientation. 

I'm sorry that you've had to be hyper aware of who you share details of your personal life with. 

I'm sorry that walking down the street, hand in hand with your partner (especially in Omaha, Nebraska) feels like you're breaking the rules or doing something deviant and wrong.

I'm sorry that important security measures and foundations of stability like healthcare, insurance and ultimately, marriage have not been givens for they have been for me.

But more than anything, I'm sorry for the hateful language, righteous commentary, and ugly ways that we have treated one another.

As a member of the human race and as a Christian, I believe that we're called to love one another...not to agree or to advocate for the others life choices, but to serve our fellow man/woman.

Recently, my heart has been exploding with sadness for the lack of our tolerance for one another.  My prayer is that one day, my grandchildren will turn to me and ask how we lived like this....much like I asked my grandparents how they could live during a time that people of color were mandated to go to separate schools.

Please know that you are loved for exactly who you are.  We are friends and always will be.

Love, Kelly

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  1. Amen sister! It's ridiculous that so many think they are called to judge, or just do it flippantly. I second this!


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