Monday, August 13, 2012

The Nasty Should's

It's easy to get caught up in all the should's.

I should call my mom.

I should clear out the office.

I should be dedicating time to my business.

I should lose some weight.

I should write a thank you note.

I should stop nagging him.

I should stop eating out so much.

I should put more into savings.

I should stop being such a bitch.

I should...I should...I should.

While running this morning and trying to incrementally increase my pace, I felt plagued by all the should's running in and out of my head.

I've always been a person who struggles with guilt...not doing enough...doing too much...I really can't win.

But today, in this moment, I say goodbye to should's.  I want to operate under the assumption that I am enough and that when it's time to do more or to do differently that I will.

But until then, now will be enough.  It's far too easy to be critical.  What happened to extending oneself grace, kindness and maybe, a little bit of a break?

I don't think it's a cop out or a justification for poor behavior...I think it's merely acknowledging where you are, what you can handle in the moment, and trusting that time and experience will help you change...when you're ready.

So for today, I'm not paying the should's much attention.  They're sort of dead to me.   

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