Friday, August 17, 2012

How are you your Heart?

Since my children were born, I've asked them one question daily.

"How are you feeling in your heart?"

It's a gauge...a compass...a bit of a barometer on the state of their soul.

And you know little kids, they're brutally honest.  And they will tell you.

"Mama, I'm angry."  "Mama, I'm perfect."  "Mama, I'm cold."  "Mama, I'm super happy."

The other day, my husband with a bit of a silly grin on his face and somewhat facetiously, said to me:

"How are you feeling in your heart?"

No one had ever asked me that before.  And so, even though I should have laughed back, I was more taken aback.  How is the state of my this this day?

It's a good question to ask because it begs not what you should be feeling or doing or how you should be behaving...but it gives you permission to answer from the depths of your being.

And we all know that the heart is far more accurate than the mind.  The heart is where the joy, the fear, the anticipation, the hope resides. 

The heart is where it hurts and it feels good and when it's tapped and connected with keeps us aligned to what we want most.

Nothing is black or white.  But everything guided from and by the heart keeps us authentic, purposeful, and living honest lives.

And so I ask, "How are you feeling in your heart?"

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