Sunday, January 22, 2012

Smiling at the Finish Line

When we arrived, it was cold.  Really cold. 

I was second guessing myself, especially when I saw the other racers who really looked the part.

I pinned my number on and said, "Here we go, what have I got to lose."

We began the trail run on an insane hill climb which definitely got my blood flowing and gave me a swift kick in the pants...the hills kept coming and I kept going.  I was shocked.  No ear phones, just the sound of my breath, my feet hitting the dirt, and the view of the lake trail.

There was a guy in front of me that paced himself perfectly such that I could never seem to catch him, but he was always within eye sight.  He guided me the entire way over the stream crossing, the logs, the turns, and ultimately down the insane hill to the finish line.

I thought that I would cry when it was done.  But instead, I felt elated.  Hugely elated.  I did it.  Five miles. I accomplished something that I truly did not think that I could.  I was over the moon.

And now that I'm exhausted, I can only think about when I get to try it again...after a good nights sleep.

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