Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Fear or Love

I have a good friend. 

He does a lot of public speaking about the power of living your truth and being guided by that which is based in love and not in fear.

His philosophy had me thinking at the gym this morning.  It was Wednesday and as such, we all knew what to expect...the insane, high cardio day of the week.  We trudged through circuit stations, bear crawling, stair running with burpie pyramids, and partner ab/core work to top it all off.

At one of the stations, we had to balance on a Bosu ball while holding a core ball and squat.  My legs were shaking.  I was frustrated and immediately thought, "This is not where I'm at.  I CAN'T do this."  Frustrated, angry and embarrassed that I had to modify the exercise, I began thinking...what am I motivated by in my life?  Do I assume that I can't because I'm scared or I've never done it before?  Or do I say, "What do I have to lose?  This is my life and I'm going full throttle?  I'm all in."

I want to be "all in."  Good or bad.  Hard or embarrassing.  I want the marrow.  I'm putting myself out there, sweaty faced and all to be guided by love.

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