Thursday, January 26, 2012

Down with Guilt

I've been feeling guilty lately.

"Shocker", my friend JM will tell you.  "Kelly is the worst offender when it comes to guilt.  She'll feel guilty for you, me, herself and anyone else you want her to."

And, it's true.  I don't know why, but I often feel guilty about those things I should do, those things I haven't done, those things I should have done differently and those things that are still on the radar. 

I'm sure, its just my deep Catholic roots shining through.

That said, to hell with Guilt...literally.  I mean, what purpose does it serve.  If it would motivate me toward positive change or action, well, then that's another thing.  But often, guilt simply leaves me feeling paralyzed and indecisive. 

And honestly, in life all things happen for a reason.  If we're willing to be quiet with ourselves for a brief moment, we'd see that there are lessons to be learned, awareness to be gained, enlightenment to be had.

So, if today, you're in the shower, your car, your office, your kitchen....and you're feeling bad for something that you did or didn't do...let it go.  Focus on that which can and will propel you towards positive change and the rest, well as JM would say, "Focker it!"

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