Friday, January 27, 2012

Him or Me

He leaves before 8am and takes the oldest to school.

He contends with stressful deadlines and sometimes frustrating clients.

He's responsible for a good number of billable hours and documentation.

I chauffeur kids to and from school, ballet, music, the grocery store, and play dates.

I make meals, draw baths, monitor spelling tests, and make sure that the house is in some stage of order. And, I do dishes...lots of dishes.

He listens to needy clients.  I try to tolerate a whiny, teething baby.

He negotiates contracts.  I negotiate with a 4 going on 35-year old.

He utilizes technology for efficiency and I use it to stay in touch with the world, so I'm not so isolated.

Sometimes, I miss meetings, an office, a business card, a strategy session, a project deadline.

Many times, he misses staying in pajamas, making french toast, and face painting.

So, who has it harder?  Him or me?  On any given day, we commiserate about the challenges of parenting three little ones while holding down the fort and staying afloat in a job.  2012 marks five-years that I've been at home full-time, I can hardly believe it.  Where has the time gone?  Changing diapers, making bottles, and reading stories, I suppose.  I'm certain that I wouldn't want to switch places with my husband permanently, but the truth is being at home day in and day out, is exhausting, isolating, and insanely beautiful. 

I guess we'll both just keep plugging away with the recognition that keeping score is helpful for no one.  Everyone has a role to play.  We both just wish on most any day that we could be in Tuscany kidless...just for a little while.


  1. Always comparing, always longing and ALWAYS wishing to be kidless this is the sign that you are fully a parent. If you didn't have these feelings I'd suspect you weren't knee deep. Scratch that: up to your earlobes.

    Sending love and a phone call while we both do dishes. :)

  2. God love you, always make me feel like I'm normal. Hugs to you!


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