Saturday, January 14, 2012

The Question of Faith

I've always fancied myself a planner.

In most scenarios, I try hard to conservatively predict the way that things will, as to have a back-up plan when they don't.

However, the very best experiences, memories, and opportunities I've had in my life have come when I've truly given over my fear, hopes, expectations and desires to God.  Rarely do I know what's best...nor, do I understand how the experience of today fits into the past or what the future has in store.

I have a really, really dear friend who is stepping out with all she has, in faith.  In an attempt to be faithful, she's giving over her family situation, her home, her livelihood and their future plans to God.  She figures, what do they have to lose?  It was never really theirs to begin with and in the end, they're limited in their capacity to, why not?

Her choice amazed me.  I have always, always struggled with surrendering the desires of my heart.  Somehow, I seem to think that I can make it work all on my own, if I just do this or that.

So, is it irresponsible to be guided by faith?  Is it foolish to think that God knows better?  Is it impossible to fully surrender? 

And yet on the other hand, how much deeper, richer, more satisfying, joy-filled might our lives be if we chose to release and to simply believe?

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  1. I'd say it's foolish to think that we know better than God.

    Yes, upon first glance it seems irresponsible to be guided by faith - but the people who don't understand, are those who don't understand that God truly takes care of us.
    I know that it made ZERO mathematical sense that I had money to pay my mortgage each month while I was unemployed.... the cash in/ cash out just didn't add up - but somehow I managed. And I can only believe it was God taking care of me - because I believed that He would.

    I know others who don't believe God will take care them, and they'll never see that He will until they let go of the reins. As long as they fight it, they'll never see it happen.


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