Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Dreamers Unite

It's interesting.

When you start to operate from a place of possibility and abandon the position of fear, you discover that two kinds of people flock toward you...those who provide hope and encouragement and the consummate naysayers.

I have a few friends in my life who are attempting some pretty insane dreams.  They've decided that there's no time like the present, they're not getting any younger, and well, opportunity, why not?  They've been met with resistance and some not-so-subtle ugly comments by those who should be helping them to drive it home.

Why?  Why would anyone discourage another from pursuing their vision...their "pie-in-the-sky."  Fear, jealousy, insecurity, bitterness.  All of these words come to mind.  But in the end, they're not important.

What is most important for the dreamer is to surround yourself with people who will help you build the dream...not to placate those who won't with rationalizations or justifications for your actions.

Tomorrow is guaranteed to no one.  Today is the day to decide that we are all guilty by association.  Who do we want hanging on our door step?


  1. Kelly, it's the classic human "crabs in a bucket" reaction. When we see someone else striving for greatness, it reminds us of how lazy we've become. Most people's response, sadly, is to drag that person down rather than look in the mirror and decide to step up.

    Your advice is great advice. Get out of damned bucket. Surrounding yourself with the right people is paramount.

    Nice post.

  2. Jason-thanks so much for your insight. I think you're absolutely right. It's typically an inferiority complex that keeps us from encouraging greatness in others. Ray and I took a peek at your website the other night...hats off!

  3. I was wondering if he was going to post on this!!! Considering I didn't get to hear his (I will quote) "INCREDIBLE" presentation, I would wholeheartedly agree. Some people just stand in the way of your happiness. Ask them nicely to move and if they attempt to tag along, run! Great to all of you! Sending great and positive vibes from mommy-land!!



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