Saturday, September 27, 2014

The Perfect Fall Day...Kinda

There's really nothing better than waking up knowing that you have nothing you have to do on a Saturday.

I decided to sleep in and postpone my long run until tomorrow.

My husband offered to take our oldest to get his haircut and watch his flag football game, so that I could have some fun one-on-one time with the girls.

We made an instant beeline for the park.  Claire brought her American girl doll.  Kate grabbed her scooter.  I packed the granola bars and water bottles and before we knew it, we were on our way.

And it was glorious.

The leaves were falling in all of their yellows, oranges, reds and greens from the trees.  The girls were singing "A, B, C's." The breeze was blowing.  And every fiber of my being felt rejuvenated.  I love autumn.

Immediately, the girls ran for the slides.

And then the swings...

And then the exercise thing-a-muh-jigs...

And while we were being silly and having fun, there was another boy goofing around as well.  All was on the up and up, until his dad said to him, "Are you being a little flirt with those cutie pie girls? I don't blame you, buddy."  WTF....are you kidding me right now?  Put off, I turned the other direction, until the little boy threw sand at Kate and she whipped around and said, "Knock it off or I'll cut you!!"  WHAT?? Did my daughter just say that?  And then she turned back and said, "I'm just kidding."  The dad turned with his son and headed toward another part of the playground.  Sweet Jesus.

Back to the swings we go...I've got both girls going as high as they can with their tippie toes reaching for the tree tops when Kate shouts out, "Wow!  That makes my vagina tingle."  Holy Mary Mother of God.  To which Claire replies, "Mine too!  Vagina tickles...Vagina tickles."  And now, they're saying it in unison and I am mortified.  Why did I insist that the children learn the anatomically correct names of their body parts?  We should have just called it a Daisy.

As I convince them to leave the park and head for a nice long stroll through the golf course, we make a pit stop at the bleachers.

The girls climb up and down the stairs squealing and singing swishing water in their mouths and then spitting it into the dirt.  And then yes, they stumble upon a condom wrapper.  Thankfully, there was no actual condom inside or around the premises. Kill me now.

Deciding that we might just do better to start making the trek home, we decide to go on a treasure hunt for leaves, acorns, pine cones, and twigs to make a collage at home.

On my favorite bridge, the mail lady graciously agrees to snap a picture of us to remind me that it's always an adventure being a mama.

Happy Fall Day...Kinda.

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