Tuesday, September 2, 2014

The Face of Love

I was thankful that you let me take this picture of you, because our outing this morning is one that I want to remember for a long time to come.

After Sam and Kate left for school this morning, we decided to hit the road for a bike ride, just you and me, to the park.

Equipped with water bottles, snacks, sand toys and a stunning morning, we were on our way.

Until we weren't.

You biffed it in Elmwood Park on our way to Memorial Park and coated your legs, feet, toes, elbows and palms of your hands in mud.  And of course, I had nothing to clean you up with, except for your socks.

After sopping the mud up with your favorite mismatched Hello Kitty socks, you begged to turn around and head back.  To which, I responded, "Hell no, sister.  We're headed on this death march if its the last thing that I do. The weather is too beautiful and well, you're a kid.  If I can handle it, so can you."

Upon arriving, a little worse for the wear, we met sweet little toddlers and their adorable mommies sitting on lovely outdoor blankets eating morning bananas and sipping Starbucks.

You screamed that you wanted a snack and while I thought it was a bit early, I acquiesced, kind of feeling that I owed it to you since you braved the elements.

Walking around like you owned the place, you flaunted a bag of processed Cheetos and Oreo cookies and let the combination ooze out of your mouth as you horrified the moms that were delicately wiping their children's faces with organic wet wipes and dutifully handing them purified water in their BPA-free water bottles.

After you got your fill, you grabbed the sand toys and headed for your favorite castle-making spot.  When all of a sudden, an 18-month old little boy closed in on your tools and started putting them in his mouth and making guttural noises, to which you promptly turned to him and said, "Use your words for crying out loud."

I was horrified.

To top it off, you beckoned me to the swings by pulling your dress up and over by your ears simultaneously yelling, "BEST. DAY. EVER. MAMA!!!"

And when I stopped giving a shit about what the world thought and started really paying attention to how amazing you are, I realized...

It is the best day ever and you, my child are the face of love.

Love you, Claire Bear.

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