Tuesday, January 20, 2015

My Big Wish

The other night accompanied by brilliant women, I had the opportunity to dream. 

Not to create a mission statement or to strategize or to document goals or the initiatives and timelines associated with them.

Rather, to sit with a cup of tea in hand and to offer up an intention, a big one, to the divine.

The problem is that we're so good at the pragmatic and all of the second guessing that comes with being practical that we rarely, if ever, let ourselves dream...whimsically, boldly, enthusiastically greeting the universe with a...deep breath...and closing our eyes announce...this....this is what I really want.  I have no idea how to manifest it, but if I could wave a magic wand, in this moment, for this year, I choose ________.

And for most of us, we would fill our dream buckets full...probably include health, wealth, resources, maybe fame, forgiveness, possibly a sabbatical from the grind, maybe a release from a toxic partner, maybe a re-engagement with one we let go and shouldn't have, maybe a big, crazy, no way it could ever work business that's always in the back of our mind, and maybe it's all of these things.

Either way, it's good.

Dreaming is like checking your bags before you get on a plane.  Freeing you to buy a coffee, walk around the book store, listen to the conversations around you and think...if I could get on a plane going anywhere in the world...where would I go and why?

Dreaming is like leaving all of the weight of the details and the hypotheticals to someone else...that right hand person who has a knack for it because your only job is to dare to see what it could be.

Dreaming is like saying, I'm worth it.  My one life is worth seeing it through and asking who am I and what does my best self look like in this time and space.

Dreaming is believing, even if for a moment or two, that maybe, just maybe, it could happen and God, what that would feel like.

Dreaming is something that should be carved into everyday as the reward for being born with an imagination, a hopeful heart, a will that trusts that if you can think it, you can do it.

And so, what is my big wish?  What is my daring dream?

I want to know who I am outside of wife and mother.  I want to see a piece of me in the written form in a substantial way greet the world.  For today, I'm not worried about how I'm going to get there, I'm just going to throw it up and say, here's my dream.

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