Monday, January 12, 2015

Living Your Life

Holy Cats...what happened?

I looked up at the calendar and it said January 12, 2015...

Which means it's almost the middle of the first month of the new year and damn it...wasn't it just Christmas?

The end of last year brought a whirl wind of to-do's at home and the ending of one career era with an involuntary pause to make some decisions about where to head next.

Thankfully, many hot cups of java and some healthy travel later, I landed in a good spot.

Meet my mantra for the new year...

Sounds simple, right?  Maybe for you, but definitely not for me.

The idea of owning me...all of me...the good, the bad, the beautiful, the neurotic, the beat of my own drum, well, it's been a struggle.  And so, while the 2014 mantra "Fuck Fear" allowed me to move mountains that I had no idea I could lift, I'm praying that this year will allow me to greet the universe and you (when we bump into each other) with a smile and a heart that says, here I am, all of me, in all of my glory and that's a good thing.

Most of you know, but in case we haven't connected, I was accepted as a merchandiser with chloe + isabel...a phenomenal jewelry company based out of New York City.  My not-so shameless plug for the beautiful and fun sparklies is to run (especially if it's cold where you are) to and treat yourself to something like new favorite earrings (Pearl + Crystal Floral Filigree earrings)...And to "pop-up" with me sometime soon to share these stunning Anthropologyish pieces with your friends over wine and crazy, fun banter.

Secondly, I had to get serious about my fitness again.

2014 was a really great running year for me.  A marathon, half marathon, and 78-mile relay were exactly what I needed...but I had to ask myself, do I ever want to do it again and in the end, I decided, I absolutely do and I want to do it faster.  So, I registered for a spring marathon and set out on my first long run of the winter training season this past weekend.  And, thankfully, wind aside, it wasn't as brutal as I expected it to be.  Eight miles was doable and felt decent against the cold.  So, I'm back to lacing up my shoes, checking the miles off the calendar and having on-going conversations with myself about how I can and will do this...and, in the end, I'll be better for it.

My ears and mind have been full of more and better podcast programming than ever before.  I discovered Death, Sex & Money ...a WNYC production about "the big questions and hard choices that are often left out of polite conversation."  And now, I officially have a girl crush on the host Anna Sale...her voice is mesmerizing, her guests are so fucking real and the stories are inspirational.

And of course, I'm dying for the next season of Serial , a spin-off WBEZ Chicago production of This American Life because Sarah Koenig is a fucking rock star and she made doing the laundry on Thursdays a fabulous day to look forward to.

There's so much to look forward to in this new year and new space...2015 is the year I turn 40, the year I dedicate to owning, loving and sharing all of me with the world...I think it's about time.  Here goes everything...

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