Monday, January 19, 2015

A Lighter Load

In observation of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., the kiddos were out of school and over the moon happy about it.

After a vicious knock down, drag out fight between the girls, Kate (7) and Claire (4) this morning, I decided impulsively that it was time to blow this pop stand and grab some fresh air, a peek at the animals and a new perspective.

So, with nothing other than a water bottle, a wing and a prayer, we all loaded rather lightly into the car and made a beeline for our zoo. 

We're sort of blessed in Omaha. We have hands down the best zoo/aquarium on the face of the earth and our kiddos can spend hours there mesmerized by all that they see.  Below are some of my favorite snap shots from our time today.

While we were driving home relishing our favorite moments and remarking on the funny faces of the monkeys and the size of the Blood Python, I started to get emotional.  That was my first trip without some form of a back pack or diaper bag, snacks or treats and no stroller.  It's happening.  We're all getting older.  In a few short weeks, my oldest will be 10...double digits. The dynamic is changing.

And so, when we got home, Sam and Claire scattered, but Kate stayed to get ready for ballet and let me snap some more pictures.  I said, show me love.  And she did.  A lighter load of material things for sure, but a heavier heart filled with memories and a little sadness as the baby parts are going away.


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