Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Guilty as Charged

All parents know that traditionally, the summer is a time for fun, relaxation, minimal scheduling, kicking back, and in general, watching the days pass by.

Which is why I purposely did not sign my kiddos up for day camps up the wazoo or schedule play dates to fill our afternoons.

I wanted leisure time that would include going where the wind took us...the library, the park, the pool, a friend's house, the ice cream store...our plan was to not have one.

And so yesterday, when the baby was shrieking like it was her job and I was tired from not having anywhere to be, I figured that it was a perfectly good opportunity to let the kids do exactly what they wanted.  Respite comes at a price and I was willing to pay it.

So, they picked slice and bake cookies and juice boxes for lunch.  iPad time until their brains came out their ears and fruit pop after fruit pop while we interchanged between the pool and the sprinkler.

By the time their father came home, they were in a sugar coma and so we decided to draw tattoos all over each other and eat breakfast for dinner.

Dessert brought more chocolate and by the time that the clock said 9:00pm, Sam (7) and Kate(5) said that it was the best day ever.  Claire (18 months) grunted and passed out.

Guilty as charged.  Somedays, its whatever it takes.  No shame in that.

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