Thursday, June 21, 2012

The Art of the Playlist

Do you remember mixed tapes?

That's know what I'm talking made them in the 80's/early 90's to enjoy a road trip, to tell a girl that you loved her (in only the way that U2 or Sting can) and to jam in your car while you were joy riding.

Now that we're iTunes/Spotify/Pandora addicts and can create playlists within moments, it makes creating and recreating the perfect set of tunes instantaneously possible.

Which is why I pour over creating and revamping my running tunes.  I'm not going to lie to you, much like laying on your bed next to a tape recorder and stopping and starting the songs...creating the perfect playlist in the right order is indeed an art.

When I first start running, I have an inclination to jump out of the gate and get tired by the end of the first mile.  Knowing that I usually have four more to go, the challenge is to create a blend of songs that gets my heart pumping, motivates my mind, inspires my soul and doesn't deplete my energy reserves. Tall order, I know.

Oh, and I like to listen to my music really sometimes others that grab a treadmill/elliptical near me have to suffer through my song choice.

Either way, if you run/walk/do errands/chores with a playlist...take your time.  Enjoy assessing the flow of songs and regularly mix them up.  Research has shown (I'm not kidding) that the perfect playlist can catapult your fitness level to a new and shinier horizon.

Hooray for the mixed music list!

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